Florida Tire Plug Laws?

Answer Tire plugs are a convenient method of salvaging a flat tire for further use. These plugs are regularly used, provided that the puncture is along the width of the tire. According to the Florida stat... Read More »

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How to Use a Tire Plug Kit?

Most automobile owners at some time or another will have to deal with a flat tire. How prepared you are for this occurrence will determine how much of a problem it is. One of the most common causes... Read More »

Tire Plug Dangers?

Two common ways to stop a slow leak in a tire are to plug or patch it. A plugged tire is fixed from the exterior surface, while a patch seals the tire's hole from inside the tire. A plug is a piece... Read More »

How to Install a Tire Plug?

Flat tires are nobody's idea of a good time. There are many different foam sealants on the market today that will repair small punctures to your tires, but for larger punctures (like from a nail) y... Read More »

How to Patch a Tire With a Kit and Not a Plug?

Changing a flat tire isn't fun. Properly preparing for a flat tire is important in case of an emergency. You no longer need a plug to temporarily fix a flat tire, just a can of spray adhesive speci... Read More »