Florida Squirrel Types?

Answer Florida has four species of squirrels in its state. Three of the squirrels are tree squirrels--eastern gray, Mexican gray and fox--meaning they nest and seek refuge in trees. The other squirrel is ... Read More »

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Red squirrel vs. Grey squirrel, who would win?

The Grey Squirrel has the Red Squirrel on the ropes, and is about to stave it's skull in with a walnut when Grandpapa Smurf turns up and incinerates the Grey Squirrel with a fireball spell... or pe... Read More »

Types of Catfish in Florida?

Florida catfish live in lakes, rivers, ponds and streams throughout the state. The Florida Fish and Wildlife stock ponds and lakes with catfish for the purpose of fishing. Anglers have caught catfi... Read More »

Types of Guardianship in Florida?

When an individual isn't capable of managing his own affairs or adequately exercising his own rights, he often chooses a guardian or has one appointed to him by the court. Once appointed, a guardia... Read More »

Shark Types in Florida?

Sharks are found in the waters near Florida's coastline on the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. These large, carnivorous creatures prefer the warm waters of this region and are year-round res... Read More »