Florida Right-to-Work Laws?

Answer The place of labor unions in the workplace is less certain today than it was during their heyday throughout most of the last century. Unions originally developed to give individual workers collecti... Read More »

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Gun Laws for Florida?

Gun control is a prominent issue in American politics and law. The state of Florida devotes many statutes to specifying when, where, how and by whom firearms may be used. These laws are in place to... Read More »

MIP Laws in Florida?

When people under the legal drinking age drink or otherwise possesses alcoholic beverages, they can be charged with a crime for breaking MIP laws. Generally, these offenses are referred to as "mino... Read More »

Florida Laws on Hit & Run?

A hit & run occurs when a driver is involved in an accident that causes injury or death to a person, or damage to a vehicle or property, and leaves the scene of the accident. The laws governing mot... Read More »

Florida CC Laws?

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services defines and controls Florida's concealed carry (CC) program for firearms. Every resident of Florida has the right to apply for a license ... Read More »