Florida Garden Pest Control?

Answer In any sort of garden, pests can be a debilitating factor. If left alone, they can wreck a whole season or even an entire year. Unfortunately, there is no single way to treat pests, largely because... Read More »

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Garden Snail Pest Control?

Snails, which belong to the Mollusca phylum, are a land-based variation of the mollusk (clams and shellfish are examples of water-based mollusks). As useful as snails are in building up soil qualit... Read More »

How to Grow a Pest Repellent Herb Garden?

Growing your own pest repellents is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy gardening, create beauty and have a functional result that spares you from being the target of pests! This article will start yo... Read More »

What animal urine can be used as a garden pest deterrent?

Answer Urine from any predator can be used to deter damage by herbivores like ground squirrels, rabbits, and deer. Fox, coyote, bobcat, and lynx urine are good repellants for small herbivores like ... Read More »

Are fairies a pest in the garden or is it just the gnomes or wildlife or whatever yer?

Fairies are part of the Devic Kingdom, it is in another dimension. However, this kingdom is connected to earth-energy. If you are serious in connecting with Fairy energy you can do a meditation i... Read More »