Floral Arrangements Made With Grapes?

Answer Floral arrangements may incorporate a variety of materials to create a festive design for any area in your home. You can use items to complement a room or a season. Both fresh and artificial grapes... Read More »

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How do I make floral arrangements with tulips?

Preparing the StemsUse a clean sharp knife to recut the tulips' stems. The cut should be made diagonally in the fresh green part of the stem, removing any white tissue that might remain. The white ... Read More »

Pineapple & Floral Arrangements?

Create floral and fruit arrangements with pineapple decor to dress up a table for Hawaiian or summer-themed parties. Both chopped and whole pineapple can add a sweet and festive appeal to any event... Read More »

How do i create floral arrangements?

Assortment of FlowersGather a group of long stem flowers. They can all be the same floral type, or you can choose a variety. Place them in a vase the depth of the stem length. If the stems are too ... Read More »

How do I care for cut floral arrangements?

Mix the fertilizer packet that comes from the florist with the exact amount of water instructed on the packet. Pour the solution in the vase. Replace the water as it becomes cloudy with new fertili... Read More »