Floorboards Vs. Pegs?

Answer Floorboards and footpegs both offer their own advantages for motorcycle riders and passengers. When it comes down to which you should use on your bike, personal comfort and affordability should be ... Read More »

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Polishing Floorboards?

Hardwood floors are often found in older homes, when floors were built from brush box, blackbutt, bluegum, Baltic pine, cypress pine, and other woods. Wood floors sometimes are hidden by carpet, so... Read More »

Why Do Floorboards Creak?

Creaking floorboards can give a house character and start rumors of ghosts and haunting. However, they can also severely annoy the neighbors, particularly if you live in a top floor apartment and w... Read More »

How to Caulk Between Floorboards?

If you have an older home with original hardwood floors, you may wish to restore or repair the old floors rather than install new ones. Gaps between floorboards are a common problem with older hard... Read More »

How to Lay Pine Floorboards?

Pine is abundant in North America, and it was the flooring wood of choice for early American settlers. It is a soft, textured wood that bruises easily and quickly shows signs of wear. These wear ma... Read More »