Floor Seating Restaurants NYC?

Answer I know of two such restaurants. I've been to each of them and recommend them based on the traditional criteria of food/decor/service/value. Coincidentally, both of them are Asian and vegetarian. ... Read More »

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San Jose HP floor seating at a concert?

After studying the seating arrangement for most concerts (below), I would choose Floor 1 row 9, even though the floor seats are not tiered. Section 116 row 6 gives you quite a slanted view of th... Read More »

Is floor seating comfortable home decor?

On One Hand: Long-Time UseFloor seating is commonly used in meditation and as traditional seating in some cultures. Restaurants may use it--think of the tatami-mat rooms in some Japanese restaurant... Read More »

How to Make a Floor Plan of Restaurant Tables for Seating?

Making a spot-on floor plan for your restaurant is essential for success. Overcrowding can result from tables shoved too close together, while a restaurant with lots of large tables may seem out of... Read More »

If they have Hooters restaurants, why don't they have Butts restaurants?

Haha!... Well... if there was a restaraunt or BBQ place that sold 'boston butts'... They could name a restaraunt like "Butts Restaraunt." There's a restaraunt in Panama City Beach, FL named "Dirty... Read More »