Floatation therapy?

Answer Q: Does the water get changed between customers?A: A floatation tank has 800-1000 pounds of dissolved Epsom salt. This is what makes a person float like a cork, creating a low gravity environment. ... Read More »

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Why aren't cars being equipped with emergency floatation devices?

That is an interesting thing that perhaps the auto makers haven't thought about. I hope they don't make it mandatory...I can't afford vehicles as they are. I'm from Idaho the state that had that ... Read More »

Science Fair Project Guidelines on Egg Floatation in Saltwater?

A simple experiment to help students explore concepts of density and buoyancy involves experimenting with an egg and its ability to float in plain water and saltwater. Buoyancy is related to how ea... Read More »

When I stop physical therapy will the pain return Will I need physical therapy forever?

Sorry about the spammers posting those websites. They get tacked on to most every thread here. The regulars report them, and they disappear minutes later (as you can see because at this writing, th... Read More »

How to Go Without Therapy when You Need It?

The world is full of lost people, most whom cannot afford therapy, are ashamed to be in it, or simply don't think it would help. But here's the real truth! You can save your $50 per visit just by l... Read More »