Flea bites (son of a b*tch)?

Answer Jessie Take a shower and dry off with dryer sheets fleas hate the smell and taste. They also hate certain kinds of plants I may have answered your question or (another Jessies) Citronella, cedar... Read More »

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Do these look like bed bug bites or flea bites?

It's a tiny pic, but looks like flea. Bed bug bites seem to come up redder, and in a slightly different pattern. I could easily be wrong.Treat mattress / bedding / carpet / dog, etc. An animal t... Read More »

How do you tell if you got flea bites or tick bites?

It's not tick bites because ticks don't bite and leave. They burrow and stay until you get them out of your skin. I've never seen a flea bite that looks like your description either. Since you have... Read More »

Advice on flea bites?

Your neighbor could be more sensitive to the flea bites than most people.My grandkids will get bites that we don't have.

How to Prevent Flea Bites?

fleaAlmost every pet owner experiences a flea problem. Fleas are annoying, unsanitary, and their bites can really make your dogs and cats uncomfortable. To prevent flea bites, read this article!