Flavoured vodka and cocktails question?

Answer Yes, and no. You can mix anything you want, but to be a Green Russian, you would use unflavored vodka and melon liqueur, else you're making something different.But, you can mix any ingredients you ... Read More »

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How to Make Christmas Pudding Flavoured Vodka?

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…some Christmas Pudding Vodka in a errrm... pear tree! If you leave this recipe to steep for weeks, you'll end up with a gorgeous syrupy a... Read More »

Is it just me, or is everybody starting to drink less beer and whiskey and more cocktails and vodka?

When is grand touring vodka or GT vodka getting released in toronto?

Difference Between Potato Vodka & Grain Vodka?

Vodka enjoys a reputation as a neutral liquor whose lack of aroma and taste makes it extremely popular for cocktails. Tracing the exact history of this drink proves impossible as conflicting storie... Read More »