Flathead Vs. Overhead Valve Engines?

Answer In 1949 Cadillac and Oldsmobile engine designers introduced a modernized version of the overhead-valve engine. Most American cars previous to this time employed an L-head, or side-valve design ofte... Read More »

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The Largest CI Flathead Engines for a Ford?

Ford produced the large, Flathead V-8 engines between 1932 and 1953. The engine was originally designed by Carl Schmaltz, Ray Lard and Mil Zoerlein, who worked covertly to create the engine. Taking... Read More »

Ford Engines: How to Set Timing on 5.7 Twin Overhead Valves?

The Ford 5.7-liter Twin uses fuel injection technology. Fuel injection relies heavily on timing, in which the spark plug fires a spark at specific intervals, igniting the fuel in the engine and pro... Read More »

How to Use a Craftsman Overhead Valve Spring Compressor?

The Craftsman overhead-valve spring compressor is used to remove the valve spring components and the valve itself. In an overhead-valve cylinder head, the valve arrangement on the top of the head c... Read More »

Do Chevy 409 engines need special valve seats?

The 409's valve seats can corrode when used with unleaded gas, especially in the presence of high compression or a supercharger. If you're going to boost horsepower or rev the engine past 3,000 RPM... Read More »