Flathead Specs?

Answer In 1932, the Ford Motor Company installed its first commercially available 8-cylinder engine. Ford produced this V8 in a "flathead" configuration, casting the engine block as a single piece, with t... Read More »

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Flathead Cam Specs?

The camshaft is the part of the engine that makes sure that the intake and exhaust valves open with the correct timing. The camshaft has lobes that press against the valves to open them up while sp... Read More »

What do flathead catfish eat?

According to Texas Parks and Wildlife, flathead catfish only eat other live fish. Young catfish eat worms, insects and crayfish. Adult flathead catfish eat carp, suckers, sunfish, largemouth bass a... Read More »

What is a flathead engine?

A flathead is a type of vehicle engine that can be found in most domestic passenger-car vehicles prior to World War II. The distinguishing feature of a flathead motor is the head, which is a cast-i... Read More »

What oil do you use in a Harley flathead?

1929 saw the start of the 45-cubic-inch, side-valve "V" twin. It was manufactured until 1951. Harley-Davidson recommends SAE 50 or 60 engine oil. Also recommended by Amsoil is AHR SAE 60 or MCV 20W... Read More »