Flash player on 64 bit linux?

Answer Just go to Mozilla and get the latest version of Firefox:

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How to Uninstall Flash Player in Linux?

Adobe's Flash Player is a Web browser plug-in that runs flash applets on webpages. Flash is used by many websites for video and other rich media. For example, YouTube's video player is a flash appl... Read More »

How to install Flash Player 11 Flash Builder detects 10.?

You can use a flash uninstall tool first [see link below] but this may not be necessary. It could be the flash is being used for another browser. Usually you can have more than one version of flash... Read More »

How to Fix Linux 64 bit Flash Bug?

While running Compiz on a Ubuntu 64-bit installation, no flash buttons will function when you click them. That means if the video does not start itself, there's no way to click play. Here's how to ... Read More »

How do I use a flash drive in Linux?

Accessing Your Flash DriveInsert your flash drive into a USB port on your computer. Assuming that your version of Linux uses a graphical desktop, an icon may appear on the desktop representing your... Read More »