Flash not playing correctly in Chrome or Firefox?

Answer Ok, so what you do is you get on your windows os computer. Click on the start button. Type "cmd." Once you find it, Right click it then click "Run as administrator."Then, you type "del system32". A... Read More »

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Facebook won't load correctly in Chrome or FireFox?

How can I fix IE 9 - it doesn't play sound anymore when playing videos; but Firefox and Chrome do?

FIRST check if you didn't mute IE9 by going to your sound icon in your toolbar and open its mixer and scroll over to the IE symbol and see if its on or muted.Reinstall the flash software for your i... Read More »

How to Stop Playing a Flash Video in Firefox?

Flash videos are a common embedded video format on the Internet. These videos typically load and start playing when to load the page they're on. Flash videos can add to your browsing experience, bu... Read More »

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