Flange Alignment Procedures?

Answer Flanges are external rims that flare out at the end of a pipe, bar or part. Flanges provide mating surfaces and areas where pieces can be bolted or welded together. Misaligned flanges can indicate ... Read More »

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Car Alignment Procedures?

The machinery for performing an alignment has changed drastically. Long gone are the old string machines, and the infrared machines are all but museum pieces. Today's machines are computer-driven c... Read More »

Mechanical Alignment Procedures?

Most production and fabricating machinery requires leveling in order to correctly function. Some machinery, depending on the tolerances necessary, require leveling to within thousandths of an inch.... Read More »

I need to replace my toilet flange. how do you get a glued on flange off without damaging the actual pipe?

you can't cut the pipe back use a cuppler and come off of thatThere is a tool that will cut the old flange off that will not damage the pipe. It is brand new to the market and is available through ... Read More »

Front End Alignment Vs. 4 Wheel Alignment?

The independent front suspension on all vehicles has adjustable settings to keep the front wheels aligned for optimum handling and minimal tire wear. The ride and handling may be affected negativel... Read More »