Flame "cooking with fire" or Big Bowl (Chinese an Thai)?

Answer I haven't been to neither...yet...Flame I will have to assume that it will hopefully have Rotisserie Chicken or some great tasting Lamb, I think it will have Greek and Turkish influenced dishes. As... Read More »

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Food for you... Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, or Thai?

Vietnamese is my favorite, because of its fresh ingredients, very little fat or oil and tastiness. Fortunately it can be had in almost every city in the US.Try the Pho Tai, its a hearty clear soup ... Read More »


i've never had thai. i've always wanted to try it.. but never did. loli LOVE italian. and chinesebut italian is definitely my favorite!i love spaghetti haha

Whats better: India food, chinese, or thai?

I LOVE Indian food---i'm an ethnic Indian and my family has cooked foods that you don't eat in restaurants--superb. My second favorite is Thai. The Chinese food in India is superb--you can't even... Read More »

What is the difference between fire retardant&flame resistant clothing?

The key difference between fire-retardant and flame-resistant material is that one will continue to burn while the other is designed to self-extinguish.Fire RetardantFire-retardant material is desi... Read More »