Flame Test Experiments?

Answer Chemists are sort of like detectives, they take small clues that allow them to make an analysis about a particular chemical. There are a variety of tests designed to give one more clue to identify ... Read More »

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How to Test a Flame Sensor?

A flame sensor is a safety measure installed in appliances such as furnaces and clothing dryers. When the burner ignites, the flame sensor detects the heat and communicates to the control board to ... Read More »

How to Identify a Metal Using a Flame Test?

A flame test is a chemistry procedure undertaken to determine the contents of a metal sample. Metal ions present in a chemical reaction display different colors along the color spectrum, giving the... Read More »

How to Identify Unknown Ion Mixtures in a Flame Test Virtual Lab?

The color of a burning flame can be used to indicate what chemical elements, or solutions, are present in the environment. This has many scientific and practical purposes. For example, astronomers ... Read More »

How does a flame sensor work in home furnaces by using a metal rod in the flame?

Its not a flamesensor its a pilot generater it generates a small amound of electricity to open the main valve that way if your pilot light goes out it wont let gas escape and couse a potentian expl... Read More »