Flags of the World & Their Meanings?

Answer The study of flags is called vexillology. Vexillology comes from the Latin word "vexillum." "Vexillum" means flag, and those interested in the history of flags are referred to as vexillologists.Vex... Read More »

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What are the meanings of NASCAR flags?

The officials who oversee a NASCAR race do so with the help of a series of different colored flags that each possesses its own meaning. From an elevated vantage point where all drivers can see them... Read More »

How many different flags are there in the world?

The CIA's "World Factbook" displays the flags of 252 countries, but a few countries have mutual flags. For example, Wake Island and Navassa Island share the United States flag, and the Cocos Island... Read More »

Flags of the World Activity?

Flags are used throughout the world to represent beliefs, culture, and history of individual countries. Because national pride is so deeply entwined with flag symbolism, people can become very pass... Read More »

What is the most common color in flags of the world?

Red is found on 74 percent of the world's national flags, making it the most common color used. White is found on 71 percent of national flags, and blue is found on 50 percent of the world's flags,... Read More »