Flags of the World & Their Meanings?

Answer The study of flags is called vexillology. Vexillology comes from the Latin word "vexillum." "Vexillum" means flag, and those interested in the history of flags are referred to as vexillologists.Vex... Read More »

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What are the meanings of NASCAR flags?

The officials who oversee a NASCAR race do so with the help of a series of different colored flags that each possesses its own meaning. From an elevated vantage point where all drivers can see them... Read More »

Buddha Postures and Their Meanings?

The Buddha is an iconic image in world religion. Despite being a religion which at its heart encourages leaving behind all material concerns, iconography is widespread in Buddhist cultures. There a... Read More »

Parts of Speech and Their Meanings?

Parts of speech are the grammatical positions of words in a sentence. There are eight basic parts of speech in English: nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, conjunctions, prepositions and i... Read More »

How to Look Up Names by Their Meanings?

Given names have a wide variety of different meanings. Some are derived from specific personality traits. The name "Fido" for example, comes from the latin word for "faithful." Some are named after... Read More »