Flagpole Ideas?

Answer When winter turns to spring and finally summer, it's time for the flag to go back outside. Instead of putting the flag on a small pole mounted on the side of the house, a free-standing flagpole can... Read More »

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How do I tie off a flagpole?

Tying off a FlagpoleRaise the flag to the top of the pole. Pull both ends of the rope as tight as possible. Wrap both ends around the hook in a figure-8 pattern, and keep going until you reach the ... Read More »

How tall is a flagpole?

Flagpole heights range anywhere from 15 to 80 feet. The minimum flag size for flagpoles is 2 by 4 feet and the maximum is 20 by 30 feet. Flagpoles are used outside of people's houses, education bui... Read More »

Flagpole Rules?

Properly honoring the stars and stripes is a task taken seriously by many Americans. The way the U.S. flag is raised, lowered and displayed on a pole is part of a set of rules known as The Flag Cod... Read More »

How to Tie a Flag to a Flagpole?

Flags are used to represent all the different nations and people of the world. They have been used throughout history to improve military morale and to show support of national military troops, esp... Read More »