Flag Tattoo Ideas?

Answer Flags come in many shapes and sizes. Some flags symbolize a particular group or nation, while others serve a practical purpose, such as a checkered flag in an auto race. You can get a tattoo of a f... Read More »

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Pirate Flag Tattoo Ideas?

A pirate flag, also known as the Jolly Roger, makes sense to turn into a tattoo as pirates and tattoos go hand-in-hand. Skulls, daggers and bleeding hearts, images associated with pirates, are now ... Read More »

Rebel Flag Wedding Ideas?

There are several ways you can incorporate the Confederate, or rebel, flag into your wedding decorations in order to celebrate your Southern heritage. Consider using not only the flag but its color... Read More »

Teacher Personal Flag Ideas?

Having students create and share personal flags can be a great way to encourage a child to think about and share his unique identity. It can also be a fun way to learn about the concept of symboli... Read More »

Children's Handprint Art Ideas for an American Flag?

The American flag is an important symbol to the people of the United States. There are many creative ways to create a likeness of the American flag. One creative way is to use children's handprints... Read More »