Fixing a laptop monitor?

Answer You have to give us way more info than that.Make & Model number of your laptop?Windows Version?What is ACTUALLY wrong with it?Please re-post with specifics and then, maybe we can help.

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Fixing A Stuck Pixel - Alternatives Ways Of Fixing A Stuck Pixel On An LCD Monitor?

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Fixing the display on my TV using it as a PC monitor?

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I need help fixing my laptop. It would be appreciated so much!?

Find the wifi icon in the lower right hand side of the screen. Right click on it and then click repair. It may take a minute or 2 to repair the connection. Hopefully that will fix it for you.

Need help fixing my laptop (or reformatting it)?

Maybe the bootloader itself is damaged, you might have been able to boot Ubuntu because it uses GRUB instead of ntldr (or bootmgr) I would recomend installing linux, its free anyway...