Fixing a GE Oven Door Lock That Is Stuck?

Answer GE ovens have a door that locks during the self-cleaning cycle. This reduces the chances of injury should you accidentally open the oven door during the self-cleaning cycle. The door locks automati... Read More »

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Instructions for Fixing a Sticking Automatic Door Lock Actuator on a F150?

Ford F150 trucks with automatic door locks have an actuator inside each door to open the lock. The remote entry transmits a signal to the actuator which starts a small, direct current motor inside;... Read More »

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There was a recent article online where a PC writer explained how he 'massaged' a stuck pixel to get rid of it. He was setting up his gaming rig when he noticed a tiny stuck pixel in a corner of hi... Read More »

How to Fix a GE Profile Oven Door Lock?

The GE Profile oven locks during the cooking process to prevent accidental opening of the oven door and features a control lockout setting to temporarily disable the control settings when activated... Read More »

How to Fix a Stuck Bolt Lock on a Patio Door?

Having a patio truly is a gift for your home. It gives you a space to commune with the outdoors while entertaining and relaxing in the fresh air. However, you need to take precautions when owning a... Read More »