Fixed Assets to Equity Ratio?

Answer All businesses require assets to generate revenues. However, the particular assets a business chooses to employ varies greatly from one industry to another, as does the manner in which a firm fina... Read More »

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The Differences Between Interest Coverage Ratio and Fixed Assets to a Long-Term Liabilities Ratio?

The interest coverage ratio and the fixed assets to long-term liabilities ratio are two completely different types of metrics. Managers use both ratios to gauge the status and performance of distin... Read More »

How to Calculate Assets from Equity Ratio?

The equity ratio is a financial metric that is used to measure the amount of leverage employed by a company. Used primarily in Europe, the ratio expresses the percentage of a firm's assets that are... Read More »

How to Account for Fixed Assets?

Fixed asset is a property of a business that is used for production of goods and services. It is classified as intangible, tangible, and investment. Intangible fixed assets are non-physical propert... Read More »

What Are Fixed Income Assets?

Fixed-income assets are property that generates some kind of payment regularly, as opposed to an asset that only generates income when it is sold. Fixed-income assets can be bonds (which pay intere... Read More »