Fixed Assets in Vertical Analysis?

Answer Fixed assets are key components of a company's operating arsenal, especially with long-term profit management and sales growth. Failure to adequately manage these resources could throw the corporat... Read More »

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What Are Fixed Income Assets?

Fixed-income assets are property that generates some kind of payment regularly, as opposed to an asset that only generates income when it is sold. Fixed-income assets can be bonds (which pay intere... Read More »

How to Account for Fixed Assets?

Fixed asset is a property of a business that is used for production of goods and services. It is classified as intangible, tangible, and investment. Intangible fixed assets are non-physical propert... Read More »

How to Calculate Depreciation on Fixed Assets?

There are several methods for calculating the deprecation on fixed assets, depending upon a company's policies and purposes. It has a direct effect on a company's balance sheet and net worth, becau... Read More »

Audit Procedures for Fixed Assets?

Financial statement audits are performed to provide reasonable assurance that an entity's financial statements are fairly presented in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. To o... Read More »