Fix this fragment please anybody?

Answer Shaking her head, “Kaylyn I want you to go with Aunt Tiffany when she goes to the store. Or you ain't gonna go out this weekend.”

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I ahve this HUGE zit on my forehead.......does anybody have any fast fixes for them....please help me...please?

ok, i used to have bad acne, so i've become an expert on this. start by applying ice to the zit for a couple minutes to make the inflammation go down. take some aleve, and a zinc supplements, they... Read More »

How long does it take to fragment or de-fragment your pc, its been on 4% for five minsthat usual?

It can take half an, or two and a half hours, it depends on how much you have on your hard drive, and how much needs re-organising.

Can anybody identify this shrub please ?

It`s a buddleia globosa, or the orange ball tree. The globes are scented

Does Anybody Know The Name Of This Song Please Help!?

"One Step Forward (Two Steps Back)" by Johnny Winter.