Five year old swallowed coin!?

Answer Size of a penny....He will probley poop it out in the next 48 hours but I would call his pediatrician and ask him/her what they think. I do agree however that he is not in any immediate danger.Wow ... Read More »

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I just swallowed a coin?

Borrow a metal detector to see if it moving or is gone by 24 hours ? It be in a toilet in in a day.

What should we do if a 2 year old accidentally swallowed 2 tablets of tums?

I think he's fine, all it is is calcium. I wouldn't let him do it again, though. If you're really concerned call poison control. 1-800-222-1222

My 24-year-old girlfriend swallowed a chewing gum whole. She told me not to worry. Isn't it dangerous?

Nope, not dangerous at all. The FDA would not allow something that was dangerous to be chewed, without warning labels on the package.

My 3 year old swallowed a quarter, and then pooped out 2 dimes & a nickel... should i be concerned?

Wow what a magical colon! That is one special kid you got there! Gold star to this question for making me laugh!