Five year old swallowed coin!?

Answer Size of a penny....He will probley poop it out in the next 48 hours but I would call his pediatrician and ask him/her what they think. I do agree however that he is not in any immediate danger.Wow ... Read More »

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I just swallowed a coin?

Borrow a metal detector to see if it moving or is gone by 24 hours ? It be in a toilet in in a day.

How much is a silver five-dollar coin?

Canadian maple leaf silver coins have a face value of $5. They are made of one troy ounce of 99.9 percent pure silver. In collectible mint condition, they are worth about $20 apiece.Source:LynnCoin... Read More »

What should we do if a 2 year old accidentally swallowed 2 tablets of tums?

I think he's fine, all it is is calcium. I wouldn't let him do it again, though. If you're really concerned call poison control. 1-800-222-1222

Why my seven year son always tries to tease my five year old daughter and i can not find out the reason?

Try setting aside some "special" time alone with your son. You could go with a certain day of the week for just him. Once every say Friday from 5 to 6 is our special time. Set the same time every w... Read More »