Five word phrases?

Answer get the hang of it in the nick of time chickens come home to roost rob Peter to pay Paul bull in a china shop all work and no play close only counts in horseshoes dose of one's own medicine early b... Read More »

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What phrases contain the word five?

Give me five!high fivetake fivefive finger discount

What are some common phrases using the word house?

One common phrase I know using the word house is "a house is a house is a house is a house..."This one is on the house. (meaning free of charge)goin' to the big house (prison)

What word(s)/phrases do you use that make you sound like you are 105?

My mom is Irish, and I was talking to her yesterday on the phone. She's moved back to Ireland and incorporated the accent, and Irish phrases to a T ! Today at work, I stubbed my toe walking out the... Read More »

How to Edit Phrases?

A phrase is a succession of words grouped according to a common grammatical or thematical topic or function, depending on how the term is meant. Sentences are full of different kinds of phrases tha... Read More »