Five word phrases?

Answer get the hang of it in the nick of time chickens come home to roost rob Peter to pay Paul bull in a china shop all work and no play close only counts in horseshoes dose of one's own medicine early b... Read More »

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What phrases contain the word five?

Give me five!high fivetake fivefive finger discount

What are some common phrases using the word house?

One common phrase I know using the word house is "a house is a house is a house is a house..."This one is on the house. (meaning free of charge)goin' to the big house (prison)

What word(s)/phrases do you use that make you sound like you are 105?

My mom is Irish, and I was talking to her yesterday on the phone. She's moved back to Ireland and incorporated the accent, and Irish phrases to a T ! Today at work, I stubbed my toe walking out the... Read More »

Word Math Problems for Grade Five?

Fifth grade math students have learned the basics of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division during their primary elementary education. Now, it's time to put those skills to work by sol... Read More »