Five favourite film entrances?

Answer…Se7en…Kill Billwhen Nasa met the drill team in Armageddonwhen we see the shark in Jaws for the first time, I nee... Read More »

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Which is ur favourite line from any film . it can be from hollywood or bollywood...or any other film industr?

"I'll be back"-Terminator 1."Do you like it?" Girls-Rocco Sigfredy

Favourite film characters who are involved with film?

Gil in Midnight in Paris (screenwriter)Barton Fink (screenwriter)Jeff Daniels in The Purple Rose of Cairo (character and actor)Ed WoodBQ- "the life of the mind" scene in Barton FinkBQ2- Fear & Loat... Read More »

What is your favourite film and why?

wow...great question,,hard to choose one fave,but I would say mommie dearest,i love all movies based on truth,,and man joan crawford was tough..

Ur favourite film?

Please........whats ur favorite film?whats ur favorite film?whats ur favorite film?whats ur favorite film?please let me know so i can have the best answer LOL !My favorite Film is Breakfast at Tiff... Read More »