Five Types of Isolation in Biology?

Answer In biology species can become isolated from other species through a number of processes. These isolation processes keep the two species from interbreeding and producing hybrid offspring. There are ... Read More »

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The Five Types of Fossils?

The term fossil originated from the Latin word fossilis that means "dug up." Any organic remains preserved in part of the Earth's crust are fossils, though the most interest lies in fossils of exti... Read More »

The Big Five Personality Types?

Since the 1980s, researchers have been studying the five main personality traits. These traits are often referred to as the "Big Five" and each trait is measured by numerous subordinate traits. The... Read More »

The Five Main Soil Types?

Obviously, there is a great deal of difference between dark, crumbly, soft earth and packed down light-colored dirt. Unless they farm or garden, however, most people probably know little about the ... Read More »

A List of the Five Types of Pulleys?

A pulley is one of the six simple machines that human beings use to help them lift and move objects. All pulleys consist at a basic level of a wheel with a rope strung around it. Depending on the p... Read More »