Five Negotiation Styles for Managing Conflict?

Answer From home to work and everywhere in between, there is always the potential for conflict. The ways of responding to these tense and stressful situations can make or break relationships. In an attemp... Read More »

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How to Accommodate a Conflict in Styles?

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Styles of Handling Conflict?

Conflict is unavoidable. How each individual reacts to it determines the outcome. Though every situation is different, people usually rely on one of five basic conflict resolution styles. Understan... Read More »

Cooperative & Assertive Styles in Conflict?

Whether they are co-workers, friends or spouses, people have different expectations and desires. This can be a source of conflict. In conflict situations, according to the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict ... Read More »

Conflict Styles and Controller Tactics?

Whether in business, family or out in the community, conflict is an inevitable part of life. And because personality types vary widely, so do the ways in which individuals deal with conflict and se... Read More »