Five Major Types of Lease Agreements?

Answer A lease agreement is a contract between a lessee (borrower) and a lessor (owner) for the use of a building, property or other asset. It allows the lessee to use the asset for a specified rent and p... Read More »

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Business Lease Agreements?

Not all businesses purchase the assets they need to successfully carry out their operations. Many businesses rent, instead. Commercial renting is done primarily through leases. These contracts allo... Read More »

Land Lease Agreements?

A land lease is an arrangement in which a landowner agrees to lease property to a person interested in the land but not in buildings on the land. Many times there are no buildings on the land but a... Read More »

Lease Agreements in Alabama?

The laws protecting Alabama lease agreements are spelled out in the Alabama Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act, state property codes and court rulings. An Alabama lease agreement is a bind... Read More »

Do all lease agreements need to be notarized?

Individual state landlord, tenant and contract laws govern lease agreements. A lease agreement does not need to be notarized unless a specific state law mandates such a requirement. A majority of s... Read More »