Five Major Types of Lease Agreements?

Answer A lease agreement is a contract between a lessee (borrower) and a lessor (owner) for the use of a building, property or other asset. It allows the lessee to use the asset for a specified rent and p... Read More »

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Five Major Types of Responses to Conflict?

Conflict arises between people when they have differing needs, beliefs or goals. According to the Foundation Coalition, the average person experiences about five conflicts per day, and the way we r... Read More »

Broken Lease Agreements?

Breaking a lease agreement is usually an expensive move for the tenant, who may be required to pay the balance of rent due for the term of the lease, even if they are no longer living in the rental... Read More »

Finance Lease Agreements?

Most equipment and plants in commercial businesses today can be leased. Some lease agreements require the current owner (lessor) to transfer substantially all the risk and rewards associated with t... Read More »

Business Lease Agreements?

Not all businesses purchase the assets they need to successfully carry out their operations. Many businesses rent, instead. Commercial renting is done primarily through leases. These contracts allo... Read More »