Five Main Theories of Deviant Behavior?

Answer The reasons why some people do bad things have been a topic of sociological discussion for centuries. Motive, opportunity and means all play a factor, but many sociologists have developed other the... Read More »

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Five Theories of Motivation?

Motivation is something everyone possesses in varying degrees and for varying reasons. Motivation can also be inspired by others, so understanding the principles of motivation can be important for ... Read More »

What Are Main Limitations of Behavioral Theories?

Behavioral theories were the main tool of psychologists from the 1960s to the 1980s. These theories attempt to use a person's past and the environment she grew up in as the factors to describe and ... Read More »

How to Punish Five-Year-Olds at Home for Bad Behavior in School?

If a 5-year-old begins having behavior issues at school, it may be wise to analyze the situation quickly to solve the problem. There may be underlying reasons for your child's acting out, so if you... Read More »

The Five Main Soil Types?

Obviously, there is a great deal of difference between dark, crumbly, soft earth and packed down light-colored dirt. Unless they farm or garden, however, most people probably know little about the ... Read More »