Five Kinds of Prisms?

Answer Since form (or shape) is a concept that is more real to most people than the abstract world of numbers, geometry is often easier to conceptualize than mathematics alone. Because of this, prisms are... Read More »

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Five Kinds of Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is when you take someone else's work or ideas and pass it off as yours. It is cheating and is considered a serious offense. A paper that cites information without including a bibliograph... Read More »

Five Kinds of Trace Fossils?

Ichnofossils, or trace fossils, are the remains of biological activity. They are different from body fossils in that body fossils are any remaining part of an animal or plant, whereas trace fossils... Read More »

What Kinds of Insects Can I Put in a Five Gallon Tank?

When choosing a new pet, you can take the road well traveled, or select on oddity that will impress your friends. Insects, although never domesticated, have been pets in various parts of the world ... Read More »

Name five kinds of policies that are a part of US foreign policy?

It depends on which President Roosevelt you are referring to, but here are the foreign policies of both of them.Theodore Roosevelt:One of the major issues during Roosevelt's time in office was the ... Read More »