Five Biotic Factors on Tundra?

Answer Biotic factors are the living components that affect organisms, such as animals that compete for an organism's food, human influence and the availability of food that an organism consumes. Biotic f... Read More »

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Biotic Factors About Snakes?

Snakes in popular myth and representation have often been a source of intrigue, fear and demonization. These portrayals have made it more difficult to perceive of such a creature as imparting any b... Read More »

Biotic Factors of a Hermit Crab?

A biotic factor is a discussion of how an organism fits into the biome that it lives in--what niche it fulfills, and how its life cycle impacts the local environment from nutrient depletion to pred... Read More »

Abiotic & Biotic Factors That Restrict or Limit Biological Communities?

Several factors restrict a specific species' growth in a biological community (a species is just one type of organism; the biological community refers to all organisms in a particular area). These ... Read More »

Aboitic Factors in Tundra?

The tundra means "treeless plain" in Finnish. There are actually two types of tundra, arctic and alpine. Arctic tundra regions are found in the very far reaches of the globe. Alpine tundras are fou... Read More »