Fitting 2 CD's in 1 DVD?

Answer You'll need to copy what's on the CDs to your hard drive, at least temporarily so you can compile your DVD. A DVD will hold 4.7GB of information, almost as much as 7 standard 700MB CDs (assuming ... Read More »

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Is a soldered fitting better then a threaded fitting?

Depends on what you are doing. soldered is for copper water lines. Threaded can be for water, gas, or anything else.

DIY Compression Fitting?

A compression fitting is used to connect two pipe sections together, or connect the end of a pipe to a fitting such as a shutoff valve. Where regular copper pipe joints are soldered into place or C... Read More »

How to Buy a Well Fitting Bra?

Try them all!Finding a bra that is fits well is a simple, but time-consuming task. By following these steps, you should not only be able to find one that fits, but is comfortable as well.

Procedure for New Denture Fitting?

The fitting procedure for new dentures involves a consultation, examination and making a mold or impression, according to Sometimes tooth extraction and a healing period are required be... Read More »