Fitness Question: How Much Running?

Answer If you're only interested in the calorie burn, you'll probably need to run around 4 miles to get the equivalent of your 6 mile walk. However, as another person said, you may as well run your whole... Read More »

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Question about Fitness first Australia?

I thought it was one with a really large shower head, which it is, and then I found this by googling 'monsoon shower':"The monsoon shower emulates a light, tropical rainshower. It is ideally taken ... Read More »

Whiskey and health/fitness/sleep question.?

You cannot 'spot' lose weight by just sit ups or push ups. And not so few either. Aerobic exercise will burn more calories than sit ups. The shot by itself won't really harm you in the long run but... Read More »

I have what I am sure is a very easy question about my computer running out of space.?

If you're running out of space, you need flash memory, not RAM.RAM is temporary memory that makes you computer run faster.It isn't true that you can't install it yourself, but if you're uncomfortab... Read More »

Which Linux distro. are you running as you answer this question?

I am using the latest versions of, in order of preference:Linux MintUbuntuFedoraI also keep the latest versions of Knoppix CD and DVD handy.