Fishing Tips: Crappie Jigs?

Answer Crappie jigs are two-part fishing lures. The head is an elongated fishing hook with a weighted top, available in many colors and shapes. The body, which slides onto the head's hook, is selected fro... Read More »

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How to Rig Crappie Jigs?

Crappie are quite willing to take baits and artificial lures, but one of the primary difficulties in fishing for them is locating them. Crappie tend to congregate at a particular depth and generall... Read More »

How to Tie Hair Jigs for Crappie?

Crappie is a type of small game-fish common in bodies of fresh water throughout North America, including ponds, rivers, streams and lakes. Crappie are popular as a sport fish, in part, because of t... Read More »

How to Tie Multiple Crappie Jigs on a Line?

Crappie are highly favored among many anglers who spend much of their time searching for big slabs as larger crappie are called. Commonly using long slender graphite or even bamboo poles, crappie a... Read More »

Are crappie jigs bait or lures?

Crappie jigs are a type of lure that are popular with American fisherman in search of crappie. The jerk of the jig's thin, active tail attracts the attention of the fish, and these lures can be use... Read More »