Fish Oil in BBQ Sauce?

Answer Fish or anchovy oil will add a saltiness that is unique and in most sauces intended for meats such as bbq sauce steak sauce and Worcestershire sauces.

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Hot Sauce BBQ Sauce Steak Sauce Tarter Sauce OR Soy Sauce Which do you like more on your food?

It depends on what kind of food that I am eating them with.I hope that you enjoy your break.

How to Use Fish Sauce?

Fish sauce is an essential seasoning and ingredient usually in Filipino,and Thai recipes It can used as a substitute for salt, also to add taste for foods such as pork, chicken, shrimp, and fish.

How to Make a Sauce for Fish Tacos?

A fresh, well prepared, traditional Mexican fish taco sauce can enhance the flavor of fish tacos. The goal when making any sauce is to achieve a balance between, or "marry," the flavors of each ing... Read More »

German Style Fish in Mustard Sauce?

German cuisine incorporates sweet and sour flavors, and many dishes such as fish and sausage are often served with mustard or mustard sauces to accommodate the tastes of the culture. You can make y... Read More »