Fish. Meat or Vegetable?

Answer It's meat because of the amount of protein it contains, but my wife is vegitarian and she eats fish.Also if you go by the Christian code you are allowed to eat fish on Friday's in Lent which are da... Read More »

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SUSHI IS GROSS!! My Friend Sells Fresh FISH, you can SEE worms in fresh fish meat.?

I hate to admit it because I love Sushi but its true!... There is a slight risk of contracting a parasitic infection when consuming sushi, but there are many other unspoken risks as well. Primarily... Read More »

Vegetable & Meat Diets?

Diets that emphasize eating mostly meat and vegetables are often referred to as low-carbohydrate, or low-carb, diets. The Mayo Clinic says low-carb diets suggest that limiting carb intake allows st... Read More »

Are refried beans a meat or a vegetable?

Refried beans are not a single item but rather are a combination of ingredients with a pinto bean base. Beans are legumes, which is a class of vegetable that also includes peas and lentils. Howev... Read More »

How to Make Any Meat, Vegetable and Rice in One Pot?

Adding meat and vegetables to cooking rice is an easy way to create a complete meal in one pot. It could also be a legume, vegetable and rice mix. Everything cooks in one pot. The cooking process i... Read More »