Fish Eaters, why don't you stop causing confusion?

Answer In the fish-eaters' defense, they probably ran into some of those non-credible, misinformed websites. In the "Information Age" any person can consider herself as a source of information. Too many... Read More »

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Is the catholic church responsible for the confusion whereas some people don't view fish as meat?

I have a Catholic friend and he says the "no meat on Friday" thing is only during Lent now. I know Catholics used to not eat "meat" (except fish) on Friday back in the 60s. I'm not sure when that c... Read More »

Non-veg eaters - Are you bold enough to stop eating non-veg right now?

It's hard to stop cold turkey but I tried to cut down a lot and I'm not afraid to stop completely, it's just difficult when you live with meat eaters.

Everything in my garage is rusting, what could be causing it and how can I stop it?

Well you need to get a good paint for cement and seal the floor and walls if they are cement. then you can add a dehumidifier in the garage and that will help to remove the ambient moisture in the ... Read More »

How come people who dont eat meat will eat fish?

My theory? They want to be associated with a group that works to reduce the suffering of animals (vegetarians) while not actually reducing the suffering of animals (by continuing to eat fish...and ... Read More »