First time using tampons Help?

Answer Don't pull it out fast and wait for it to get some blood on it before you take it out or else you'll feel like you're ripping your vagina out. Happened to me when I panicked. OUCH. But yeah, jus... Read More »

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Using tampons for the first time...?

Most likely you will just buy regular tampons. They come in light, regular, heavy, and super. You can probably tell how heavy your own period is.If your a petite woman then you might want slender t... Read More »

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Tampons Please look at this?

I can tell from your post that you are actually pretty close to your mother. Most daughters would not usually take into consideration their mother's feelings for this matter. Unless your mother has... Read More »

How to Get Your Mom to Let You Use Tampons?

So you've been getting your period for a while, or have just gotten it and think that pads are the most uncomfortable things in the world. You'll probably prefer using tampons. The only thing is-wi... Read More »