First time teaching pre-k?

Answer Being a first time teacher can be daunting - especially when you have no one to guide you! I would suggest going to this website: and clicking on the "For Teac... Read More »

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How to Tell Time with Teaching Aids?

Teaching students how to tell time is a basic, but crucial, lesson for elementary school students. Although teaching a child to tell time may be difficult at first, once you lay the foundation by t... Read More »

Games for Teaching Children to Tell the Time?

Telling time on a analog clock is one of many skills a kindergartner must learn before advances to the next grade. Some students find this skill learning to be a challenge. To make the learning pro... Read More »

Objectives for Teaching Students About Time Zones?

For adults, the concept of time zones is a logical one, but for children the idea that it is not the same time on all spots of the globe can seem paradoxical. To make the reason for time zones, and... Read More »

How to Make a Paper Clock for Teaching Time?

One way to make a paper clock for teaching time, especially for little ones, is using butterfly pins. They make the hands spin easier. You can easily move the hands without no ripping papers.