First time driver! Help!?

Answer Yes they do, often it's the exact same questions re arranged. Make sure you know your street signs and about safe driving. Th questions are mostly basic logic questions. It's not a Physics exam : )

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Free driver scanners/repair similar to Driver Detective,Driver genius?

Save your money and just do a regular check of your hardware. Most software/hard ware you install will update automatically.

1st time driver confidence?

go back and drive that same stretch until you get it right and comfortable doing it....remember it takes time to get the ability to judge distance......reason you have to have someone with you whil... Read More »

Teen Driver- First Time Driving?

Less nervousness comes with experience. The road can be a scary place and there are plenty of bad drivers.For the speed control-LIGHTLY (I can't stress how lightly) touch the pedal until you start ... Read More »

Where to get matlab driver for capturing real time video of using CCD camera?

Click on the link just under the yellow tabs that says "The eintire software package can be downloaded here."…