First time drinker help please?

Answer Use you fingers as a measurement. If you place the glass on a table and grasp it with your hand as its base fill it no more than the top of your finger(s). This is enough to get a good feeling but ... Read More »

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Any suggestions for a first time drinker?

I have never taken an alcoholic drink (for health reasons) soit makes me somewhat of an observer since I lead a normalsocial life, go out to pubs, parties and ask for a coke! Drinkingalcoholic beve... Read More »

Questions from a first time drinker?

You don't need alcohol at fourteen. I would recommend learning how to spell and use proper punctuation.

Is 9 beers good for a first time drinker?

What exactly is your question? Are you asking whether it's good for your health or whether you have managed to drink a large amount for your age - or what?

First time anal..please help!!?

Any type of lube, as long as it aint the warming one.Put alot of lube on, rub some lube ON her butt hole and SLOWLY put it in, by going in and out, in and out and gradually make your way in.Dont tr... Read More »