First time I've had unprotected sex?

Answer Oral birth control works in general by tweaking your body's hormones to the "I'm pregnant" stage, thuse tricking your body into thinking it is pregnant and acting as such... by not letting you get ... Read More »

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Is there any way to speed up the time it takes to tell if you are pregnant after having unprotected sex?

Answerthere are pregnancy test that you can buy they are called first responce and that will tellu within the first three days. but if you don't want to be pregnant there is a morning after pill yo... Read More »

Could you be pregnant if you had sex for your first time and it was unprotected and it happend 13 days before your period?

== Um..........................Yeah. Y? Did this happen to you. == == Um..........................Yeah. Y? Did this happen to It is quite possible. Might I suggest that before you have sex again th... Read More »

Are you supposed to wait a certain amount of time before having unprotected sex after getting the first depo shot?

Answer If you had the shot during the 1st 5 days of your cycle, no other contraception is needed, however if the shot was given at any other time then other precautions should have been used for 7 ... Read More »

Is it normal to have brown discharge around the time of your period if you had unprotected sex over two weeks ago and felt all the symptoms of pregnancy?

Answer I have the same problem, yet I do use protection, and it eventually stopped after bring brown for 3 days or so. could it just be a cleaning your body is going through?