First time I feel hyper from drinking a red bull, why is this!!!!?

Answer These drinks are rather serious in what they contain, (seriously), do some research.You will be fine though, just continue drinking water, flush it out, and try to get some sleep.

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I don't feel like eating and only feel like drinking sweet things and my side aches?

The pain in your side is a symptom of the UTI. So are the other symptoms. I think your UTI is getting bad and needs to be dealt with. If not, the infection may go into your kidneys, if it hasn't ... Read More »

Iv been drinking about 3-4 cans of red bull a day and i heard its not that good for you?

It doesn't reduce your sperm. And honestly, you eat the weirdest parts of animals' bodies every single day, unless you're vegetarian, so why are you worried about it containing a completely natura... Read More »

I feel tried and have a headache beacause of too much aftanoon drinking :). How do i feel better?

Can drinking a small can (250ml) of red bull damage you long term?

1 does nothing :) many can but nothing too major