First state to implement a successful disability plan?

Answer Rhode Island in 1944

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How to Implement a Disability Management Program?

Well-managed companies have planned and implemented Disability Management programs. The advantages of having a Disability Management program in the workplace are that they demonstrate that the empl... Read More »

How to Develop and Implement a Business Plan?

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IRS Forms Needed to Implement a Section 125 Plan?

A Section 125 plan is called a cafeteria plan. This plan allows employees to choose to withhold pre-tax salary to cover the cost of specific benefits, or to choose between taxable and non-taxable. ... Read More »

Would you send a copy of the Mellon Bank of NY long-term disability LTD Summary Plan Description SPD and the plan document itself?

It would depend on your disability insurance plan. Some plans exclude work-related disabilities.If your plan excludes work-related disabilities, then you would initially be denied through your disa... Read More »