First sense developed by a baby?

Answer HearingSmell">SmellSight">SightTouch">TouchTaste">TasteThis_is_why_it_respondes_to_noises_in_the_womb.">This is why it respondes to noises in the womb.

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What is the first sense a baby develops?

In the womb the first sense developed is Touch. It happens at about the 8th gestational week. Far earlier than the sense of hearing that develops around the 22nd gestational week.

What sense is least developed at birth?

the least developed sense at birth is vision, which is why most babies' eyes are closed when they are born.

The sense that is the least developed at birth is?

What is the least developed sense at birth?

According to doctors and scientist, Vision is the least developed sense at birth, with an average vision of 20/300.