First period help please?

Answer Don't go in the water with a pad! Here's the Tampax website with all FAQ and a How To: shows you how to insert and remove a tampon, and answers a lot of useful ... Read More »

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I just got my period today for the first time im 12, help please!?

What you're experiencing sounds totally normal. Your first period may be light. The first day is usually light and then it may be heavy for a day or two and then lighten up again. That's just in... Read More »

I'm about to get my first period. im so scared!!! can u please help me through it. what would my mom say ?

While I wouldn't assume that your mom would be like mine. My mom was excited about it. I guess it was a sign that I was growing up and becoming a woman.Your mother going to hate you for it or judge... Read More »

Im 15 and feel stupid I had protected sex and havent had my period for 2 months. This has happened b4 but im really scared could I be pregnant or is it just an irregular period PLEASE HELP?

Chances of Pregnancy You don't say what protection you used but if you used a condom correctly your chances of getting pregnant are only about 2 in a hundred over a year, if you are on the pill the... Read More »

First period Girls only please?

Some girls don't get their periods until they are age 18. You have a long time.