First my down speed was 357 kbps , but now it is only 69 kbps ?

Answer There can be a variety of reasons.1) Are you downloading or uploading anything?2) I have AT&T as my Provider, and I have seen them mess around with the telecommunications box in my neighborhood eve... Read More »

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Is there any difference between Kbps and kbps (capital and small k)?

The 2 common units to express internet speed, kbps and KB/sec.kbps is KILO BITS PER SECOND.KB/sec is KILO BYTES / SECOND.(Value in KB/Sec * 8 ) = value in kbps64 KB/sec * 8 = 512 kbps.... Read More »

How to Increase My Speed in a 256 KBPS Connection?

Internet connection speed matters a great deal even if you’re not downloading something in particular, but simply browsing the Internet. Windows reserves 20 percent of your 256 Kbps bandwidth for... Read More »

Is KB/sec or kbps the faster download speed?

Kbps measures kilobits per second, while KB/sec measures kilobytes per second. Bits and bytes are not the same: 1 kilobit equals 1,024 bits, and 8 kilobits equal 1 kilobyte. One is not faster or sl... Read More »

Download speed of 512 kbps cable internet connection?

To determine ur "real download potential", u just got 2 convert ur kbitsps to kBytesps.This is simply done by dividing it by 8 (8bits=1Byte). 512kilobits per second = 64kiloBytes per second so if u... Read More »